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|  Seminar Access Rules (Points 1 to 7)
|  Safety standards and health care (Points 8 to 12)
|  Cancellation and Returns (Points 13 to 15)
|  Disclaimer (Points 16 to 19)
|  Copyright and Property Rights and Privacy (Point 20 to 25)
|  Use and Risk (Point 26 to 28)


Rules for access to the Seminar:
1 |  Access to the Seminar is personal and non-transferable, so any misuse of it (duplication, resale or commercial transfer of tickets) is the sole responsibility of the participant/client, and the entrance may be restricted by the organization of the Sports Performance Seminar in case of violation of these terms and conditions.

2 |  The Sports Performance Seminar page contains links to third party sites (FitnessPass page) to obtain the ticket which presupposes registration (name, e-mail and others) in the participant/customer area and approval of its privacy policy and general terms and conditions.

3 |  It is mandatory for all participants/customers to present their ticket in the following situations:
- Entrance to the event/seminar hall (Accreditation/Check-in);  
- Whenever requested by Sports Performance Seminar.

4 |  If payment has not been received in full within 3 days of purchase registration, the organization reserves the right to cancel the registration/bill. However, any collection costs or bank fees must be borne by the participant/customer.

5 |  On the total value of the transaction may be added transaction costs or legal fees in force borne by the participant / customer. These costs apply to all purchases made.

6 |  Without prejudice to the obligation to comply with the rules contained in the regulations of the managing entity of the place where the Seminar will be held, by accessing the Event/Seminar, the participant/customer expressly accepts:
- Comply with any and all rules of entry to the event/seminar and the Venue, as established by the Organization;
- Do not damage, misuse, deface or tamper with any element of the venue or remove or attempt to remove any item or object from the venue or event/seminar;
- Do not damage the equipment made available during the event/seminar, returning it in the condition in which it was made available;
- Do not leave trash or pollute the event site and surrounding areas;
- Do not use indecent, obscene, racist or discriminatory language or threatening or insulting words, or otherwise behave in a threatening, abusive, disorderly, indecent or insulting manner;
- Not to disparage in any way, directly or indirectly, the brand image and/or any other image of the organization and/or any brand connected with it;
- Not to interfere with, obstruct or hinder the activity of the organization, its employees, agents or contractors in the exercise of their powers, functions or duties, or behave in a manner that threatens, or is intended to threaten the safety of the performers, employees, agents or contractors;
- Do not behave in any way that reasonably interferes with the enjoyment of other participants/clients of the event;
- No smoking in the event/seminar venue;
- Do not introduce yourself or promote yourself or in any way suggest that you are associated with the organization;
- Do not consume excessive alcoholic beverages or illicit substances;
- Comply with all official instructions given at the Event/Seminar by the organization's staff and security teams in case of emergency or evacuation;

7 |  The Event/Seminar organization may, without any imputation of responsibility or obligation of reimbursement, refuse access and stay at the Event/Seminar to any Participant/Client who:
- It poses a safety risk to the holding of the event/seminar or to other participants or third parties;
- Behaves in a manner that may hinder or cause disruption to the normal operation of the event/seminar or cause inconvenience to other participants;
- Do not comply with these Terms and Conditions.
- Any participant/client who behaves inappropriately may be expelled from the event/seminar and possibly reported to the proper authorities.

Safety and Health Care Standards:
8 |  For everyone's comfort and safety, the following items are not allowed at the face-to-face event or on-site:
- Alcoholic beverages, drugs or other illicit substances;
- Firearms and any object that can be used as a weapon;
- Sound amplification equipment;
- Any other object that may be considered dangerous and capable of causing a public nuisance and that may be used to distract, obstruct, or interfere with another participant's enjoyment of the event.

9 |  If the participant/client has one or more prohibited items, the Organization reserves the right to immediately expel that participant/client and, where appropriate, report him/her to the competent authorities.

10 |  Sports Performance Seminar is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

11 |  Sports Performance Seminar is not responsible for the behavior or the occurrences during social activities or parallel to the event/seminar such as meals, outings or others, and participants/customers must comply with the respective rules and applicable legislation.

12 |  Health measures related to pandemic COVID-19 or other:
Due to the pandemic situation, restrictions and control measures may be imposed before and during the Event/Seminar, according to applicable legislation and instruction issued by competent administrative authorities.

Cancellation and Returns:
13 |  No exchanges and/or refunds will be made on purchases made online, except in the event that the Seminar is cancelled by Sports Performance Seminar.

14 |  In the event of the Seminar being cancelled, i.e., requested to be returned due to force majeure (i.e.: serious accident - with medical evaluation of incapacity or impossibility of attending the seminar or death), the amount of the purchase made, Sports Performance Seminar will not refund the operation costs.

15 |  Sports Performance Seminar is not liable if the Seminar is totally or partially cancelled, rescheduled, postponed or for any failure or delay in the fulfilment of obligations that results from force majeure, being understood as such, any circumstance entirely beyond the control of the organisation, namely: natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and fires, epidemics or pandemics, sabotage, strikes, international embargoes or blockades, acts of war or terrorism, riots, injunctive governmental or administrative determinations, interruptions or failures of public utility services, interruption, errors, failures or interference in the electronic, computer, server, network or telecommunications system not attributable to the Organization, or any other circumstance that makes the performance of the Seminar, in whole or in part, impractical, illegal or impossible.

Disclaimer of Liability:
16 |  Sports Performance Seminar disclaims any responsibility for damages that may arise from the use of the online page or any other sites linked to it. Likewise, no guarantee is given that the access to this site will be uninterrupted or free of errors, viruses or any other harmful material and is not subject to claims, penalties, damages or expenses that may arise either from the use or incapacity of the site or from the unauthorized access or alteration of the same.

17 |  Sports Performance Seminar reserves the right to make changes and corrections, suspend or close the online page when it deems appropriate and without prior notice to any participant/customer/user.

18 |  The participant/customer/user agrees not to transmit to this page any illicit, defamatory, pornographic, scandalous content, or any other content that may constitute conduct that violates any law. Sports Performance Seminar will cooperate with any competent authorities for law enforcement and the law that orders the disclosure of the identity of any person transmitting such content.

19 |  By visiting the page or buying a ticket, the participant/customer/user accepts all the above conditions.

This disclaimer is not intended to limit the liability of Sports Performance Seminar nor to exclude its liability where legally permissible.

Copyright and Property Rights and Privacy:
20 |  It is strictly prohibited to display, reproduce, film, modify or transmit the Seminar contents in any way, whether for personal, public or commercial purposes, without the prior express written consent of Sports Performance Seminar or the speakers Phil Daru and Daniel Howard.

21 |  Some parts of the site may contain images or videos that are subject to copyright by their suppliers. This is protected by Copyright and Related Rights, in the general terms of law and by national and international legislation for the Protection of Intellectual Property of the content of this page, including images, text, advertising, audio materials, video or others can not be reproduced by third parties.

22 |  It is not allowed to display, reproduce, modify or transmit the contents of the page in any way, whether for public or commercial purpose, without the prior express written consent of Sports Performance Seminar. Excepting to this interdiction the uses authorized by law, namely the right to quote, provided that its origin is clearly identified.

23 |  Personal data or any other data provided to us, whether by email, WhatsApp, sending files on different media and platforms or otherwise, will be considered non-confidential and non-reserved. By transmitting information to this page, the user/participant/customer automatically grants Sports Performance Seminar all the exclusive rights and properties over that data.

24 |  When purchasing a ticket and/or Registration and/or accepting the present Terms and Conditions, the participant/customer declares to be aware and authorize the capture (by different means) of image and sound of his/her person during the entire period of the event/Seminar.
In the event that the participant/customer does not consent, he/she must put this consideration in writing and address or deliver it to the organization.   

25 |  It is expressly forbidden to use this page for illegal purposes or any other purposes that may be harmful to the image of Sports Performance Seminar and partners involved in the page and the events contained therein.


Use and Risk:
26 |  The page contains links to third party websites, provided solely for the convenience and accessibility of the participant/customer/user. Sports Performance Seminar does not endorse the content of any of these third party sites and is not responsible for their content. Access to and visit of such sites are conducted at the entire risk of the participant/customer/user.

27 |  It is strictly forbidden to create or introduce on this page any kind of virus or programs that may damage or contaminate it, or to advise third parties to do so. Violators will be subject to criminal prosecution.

28 |  The participant/customer is the sole and exclusive responsible for his/her participation in the event/seminar, being responsible for compensating any damage caused to the organization or third parties, or cost incurred by them, resulting from the violation of any clauses of these Terms and Conditions.

Last updated on July 13, 2022


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